******* Brendan Tutor, Москва, улица Арбат, Smolenskaja

Age 29 years
Experience 3years
Payment from 2000 rub./45 minutes
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Preparation to school Primary school Russian Literature Mathematics / Algebra / Geometry Physics History Biology Chemistry Information technology Legal studies Philosophy Psychology English

For whom:
Pre-schoolers 1-3 grades 4-9 grades 10-11 grades Unified state exam (state final certification) preparation Students and adults

I come from a large, teaching family from england.
I studied for 2 years for a joint Bachelors degree in English Literature and European film and I hold a Diploma in these subjects as well as AS and A levels in Law, Psychology and English Literature. I have been working in Russia and for Russian families for 2 years now, have been teaching myself Russian and I am at an intermediate level at the moment. I do have basic language qualifications in French and German however this was at a High School level and may need some brushing up if required for a position.

My first position teaching in Russia was for the 1st Moscow Gymnasia, teaching English to children aged 5-12. At this time I was also employed by a number of families to give after school private lessons to prepare them for various international exams. Given my experience of the private school system requirements for entry in England, every one of my students which have undertaken exams for international schools have been successful (two private students in Moscow and the two children I currently govern).

My most recent position was working as a governor for two young boys aged 4/5 and 9/10 which involved monitoring and nurturing their educational, physical and mental wellbeing’s whilst at home in Russia and travelling to Dubai, Monaco and Slovenia for 13 months. This included private lessons in English, Maths and Natural Sciences, escorting the children to school and to other activities, monitoring homework and teaching and developing their chess, tennis and football skills. I have also been responsible for their health and have taught the older boy much about nutrition and physical wellbeing. Since the boys had been accepted into their respective international schools I have been travelling and teaching the boys’ grandparents.


I have a great interest in sport and physical activities. In particular in England I played five a- side football on a weekly basis for a Powerleague team, (finally) winning the league in the 2012-2013 season. Also, I enjoy visiting the gym as often as possible, doing 5km runs as often as possible in order to keep fit. I have completed the Manchester 10k twice for Christies Cancer Charity, raising over £1000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

In my spare time I like to study (currently Russian), read books- any type really and watch films, with a particular interest in world cinema.

Travelling to new places and exploring new cultures is something I love also if there is ever any chance for me to explore a new country or city, I am completely flexible to that.

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