****** Ng Flora Tutor, Москва,улица Миклухо-Маклая, Beljaevo

Age 29 years
Experience 7years
Payment 1000-1250 rub./45 minutes
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Has been online 17 October
Legal studies English Russian as foreign language Piano Flute Vocal African drum Acting class Dancing / choreography Design Photography Needlework

For whom:
Pre-schoolers 1-3 grades 4-9 grades 10-11 grades Unified state exam (state final certification) preparation Students and adults

My method of teaching is designed specifically to meet the expected result of each student. I use an interactive approach and sit-down lessons through reading, speaking, listening to audios and doing exercises. I have taught in schools, camps and private families. I have assisted a child with Autism disorder in school (English International School).
I have a Master’s degree in Law (international protection of human rights). As a native English teacher in Moscow with pretty awesome experience in the classroom I give lessons to all levels (kids and teenagers). The main problems most students face are the difficulty to speak up, low vocabulary skills, grammar and other related issues. Some can read fluently but can’t comprehend the text. Others find it difficult to understand what the speaker says. Teaching English has allowed me to bring real life to my job and vice versa. Students adore a true life story from a teacher. I enjoy motivating language learners and seeing students put their plans into action and I love to impact my knowledge to students and also learn from my students.

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