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Домработницы в Подмосковье на Симферопольском шоссе

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Подольск,улица Маштакова, Podolsk
Age 50 years
Experience 2 years
Payment 2000-2500 rub./day
support simple (dry, wet) cleaning of 3-bedroom apartments Elit, 200 square meters 3 times a week, dust removal from furniture, bed linen, Ironing, carpet cleaning, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning... раскрыть...
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11 December 2015
Чеховский район, деревня Любучаны, Varshavskoe Shosse
Age 28 years
Experience 4 years
Payment 1500-2000 rub./day
I have a good experience in cleaning, washing clothes, cleaning kitchen, sitting room, bedrooms, toilet and bathrooms, making sure all are clean and dry. I have been into the job for 5 years and I... раскрыть...
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