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Домработницы в Москве у метро Пятницкое шоссе

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Москва,Туристская улица, Skhodnenskaja
Age 58 years
Experience 2 years
Payment 1500-2000 rub./day
• Sweep, mop, scrub, dust, wax and polish furniture, floors, walls, furnishings, equipment, and hardware. • Clean and disinfect washrooms and bedrooms. • Keep bathroom supplied with paper, towels,... раскрыть...
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20 October
Москва,бульвар Яна Райниса, Skhodnenskaja
Age 30 years
Experience ~ without experience
Payment 2000-2500 rub./day
I can do everything: ironing, washing the floor, washing dresses, doing housework, I can do cooking, go shopping. All that you wish. I can wash windows. Ironing is my favorite work.
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16 July
Москва,улица Героев Панфиловцев, Planernaja
Age 32 years
Experience 1 year
Payment 2500-3000 rub./day
My experience: 6 months cleaner, Happy bee, Montessori, Moscow, Russia. 1 year nanny in a British family, Moscow, Russia. Present: part time cleaner, Moscow, Russia.
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