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Домработницы в Москве в районе Ново-переделкино

11 November
Москва, Боровское шоссе, Solncevo
Age 54 years
Experience 1 year
Payment от 3500 rub./day
Cleaning, including laundry, ironing. Caring for houseplants. Knowledge of modern harvesting technology, the ability to handle the latest appliances (steam generator, washing machine, dishwasher)... раскрыть...
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14 November
Москва,поселение Внуковское,улица Лётчика Грицевца, Vnukovo
Age 29 years
Experience 2 years
Payment 500-1000 rub./day
I have worked for a French couple in Cote d'Ivoire and Nigeria for about 2 years. I know how to iron clothes, make a bed, clean the house and take care of children if necessary. I speak both English... раскрыть...
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